Planetary History

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Planetary History

Post by Alice on Sat Nov 29, 2014 3:29 pm

Earth As We Know It

Life has continued normally, people going to their daily jobs in some countries, others trying to survive the thirst and hunger, and some going to war all over the world, wherever it was needed. The mass of humans continue their technological advancement, corporations keep a monopoly on the world, polluting the Earth with every choice they make.

But, all scientists have been seeing the signs of Earth changes few a long time. And those signs kept growing. Some have tried to speak up, other were silenced to keep the population from panicking.

In the beginning of the year 2020, those changes could no longer be denied, as the Yellowstone blew its top. This caused a chain reaction all over the world. The Ring of Fire in the Pacific also started blowing, causing tsunamis to nearly wipe out the West Coast of USA, the East Coast of Asia, and Hawaii and other Pacific Islands. Earthquakes happened all over the world at the weakest fault lines. The Earth shook everyone up, killing millions instantaneously, and left billions without homes, trying to survive.

There were some areas of the Earth that weren't affected by the changes so intensely, mostly the interiors of continents.

Some called it a message from our planet, a chance for us to start over. While they were right, there was another dynamic added to the Earth History, one that would either save or enslave the Terrans...

Atlantis and Lemuria

While the Earth shook herself up, some landmasses came up from under the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean: The old countries of what was once called Lemuria and Atlantis. And on these continents were some preserved cities... by advanced technologies. The previous inhabitants of Earth had destroyed themselves through war, and also Earth changes, but some groups had foreseen their collapse and prepared their cities.

With their technology, they created super shields to keep their cities intact as the land sunk. For the thousands of years they had been hidden in the oceans depths, they evolved into higher dimensional beings.

In 2020, when the land re-emerged again, these invisible citizens were once again able to see the Sun, and were ready to become active participants in the world.


The Roswell crash had changed everything. We knew there was life out there, but it was all just a theory. When the US government had seized the UFO and it's inhabitants, they had no idea what they were getting into.

They saw the advanced technology and got greedy. So, the Shadow Government of the world had made an agreement with the survivors of the crash and their race - the Greys would give them some of their technology in exchange for being allowed to study the Earth humans genetics so they can save their own race.

You see, this species was dying out, and had thought Earth humans held the key to their survival. They could no longer reproduce and their cloning technology was failing them. Although being an Oxygen based species, they were still not fully humanoid. They were hybrids that had been messed with for thousands or thousands of years. They were part humanoid, part reptilian, but mostly plant like.

Nonetheless, they kept studying the Terrans. Being Master Geneticists, they knew that one day they'd find the key.

For nearly 7 decades, this trade was happening, with humans being abducted by the Greys and studied or turned into hybrids. By the year 2020, about 10% of Earths population had become hybrids.

When the Earth changed happened, the Greys wanted to save their creations, so with the help of the Shadow Government started scanning everyone they could find. Those with matching DNA traces would be taken to the Greys bases both on Earth and the Moon, to become captives of their "creators".

The Treehuggers

In the year 1990, a group of 'hippies' had gotten together to form a sustainable community in Phoenix, Arizona. These people were veterans of "sustainable" and "community" living. Some had been part of the hippie movement in the '60's, others were youngun's who were interested in saving the world, and more were into the yoga and channeling movement. All were motivated to make some changes independent of the masses and of the government and corporations.

So, they created a community with the basis of everything they used, built, and made were to be 'natural', in sync with nature - a sort of biotechnology. The science wasn't all there at the time, but some had been receiving messages and channeling from beings, which had informed them how to make 'free-energy' devices, how to build buildings with living plants, etc.

The front of this organization eventually became just a 'hippie' community, with Earthships and permaculture gardens, while in the back end, they were a tech lab, starting to evolve technologically on their own.

This community had started to spread with the advent of the internet, and other similar communities were springing up all over the world. There became a sharing of information and inventions. This group became known as the Treehuggers, an open-source international community that on the forefront shared how-to's about gardening and living off grid, while in the back-end were exchanging the dirt on technology that had shut down small companies and killed individuals because they would help mankind be free of corporations.

As the year 2000 came near, this group of people had become aware that great changes would happen, so they panicked a bit and every community had started building bunkers. But that wasn't as easily done. They didn't have the resources and they would definitely be flagged.

So, the few who had contact with "extra-terrestrial beings" asked for help in any way they could. An advanced race called the Pleadians had responded and offered their help, for their own reasons.

The Treehuggers of Earth and the Pleadians formed a pact and soon advanced bunkers were being made underneath the ground of the very Earthships and gardens the humans had been living in.

When 2000 rolled around and nothing happened, some were disappointed, but for the most part, they were glad because they could keep their grassroots inventions going. Their labs moved underground into these bunkers and with the help of the Pleadians, the Treehuggers grew into a large secret operation, opposing the forces of the Greys and Shadow Governments.

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